About Us

About Us

At Granite State Freeze Dried Candy, a core value holds significant importance to us.

We take the candy-making process very seriously, recognizing that it becomes a part of both our families and yours. That is why our commercial-grade kitchens are fully health certified, Fully insured, Serv-Safe instructor Certified, and FDA registered.

Old Man of the Mountain Dedication

In dedication to our beautiful state of New Hampshire and our state icon, the “Old Man of the Mountain.”

We give back to our community by dedicating a portion of every order to local Charities, Fundraisers, Give Aways and More! Thank You to everyone who helps support our dream.

Clean Environment

Our Workspace is meticulously sterilized, ensuring a clean environment for our operations. Holding a Food Health Inspection License and various other food safety certifications. The Granite State Freeze Dried Candy Company prioritizes your safety with unwavering commitment at all times.

Top Of the Line

The quality of our products is so important to us we only use premium, top of the line equipment. From beloved chocolates to delightful taffy, this is where all your favorites are expertly crafted and packaged.

Commercial Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen is a certified space designed for the creation of handmade, artisan small-batch food. Equipped with the latest tools and equipment required for all our needs as small bakers, chocolatiers, and food producers.

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