Snicker's Puppy Treats

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About Snickers and Friends

Snickers is a real Dachshund and he has lots of friends here in Manchester NH. Snickers  is a 2 year old red piebald little boy who LOVES treats. He does everything during the day to get treats, he gives extra loves, kisses and tries to do nothing wrong, JUST to get TREATS.

BUT!!!! all the treats on the market, well most of them, upset his tummy and make him sick, due to a dachshund's sensitive tummy. So we and Snickers came up with His new Branding of Treats for humans and for him and his friends.

All of the treats are kid, husband, and dachshund approved and the best part, GREAT TASTING, and totally Healthy. They do not have all the preservatives and extra fats and grains and other yukky stuff in them.

Snickers treats use, real vegetables and fruits, Beef and Chicken broth, Oats ( which are vet approved not to bind up a puppy), apples, fresh hand picked pumpkins, blueberries, and powdered cheese from Vermont. 

They have a great crunch, which also helps break the plaque off your puppies teeth, and they are in fun great shapes. We also have a small line of soft treats for the puppies that can not chew the hard treats.

Well that's it in a nutshell. We hope you and your puppy will try Snickers puppy treats and enjoy them as much as he and his friends do, also my husband with Salsa while watching football.